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31 July 2011 @ 02:23 pm
8 years ago I did this survey. Different time, same dude...  
Do you have a partner?: yup
What is her/his name?: mark
How did you meet?: i said something about the dogkisser at spot and he laughed, and then we started talking and he asked for my #. that was in 2003. we "re-met" 7 years later, when he imed me and said he was bored, and i said i was bored, and he said wanna go to the marina, and i said yes.
When did you meet?: july 10 2003
Do you remember a song that was popular at the time you first met?: boys of summer-the ataris
Do you have a special song?: we dont have a particular song...lots of songs that remind us of each other tho
Do you have a special movie?: the other guys
What is the age gap between both of you?: 9 months
Do you like being older/younger?: Its not enough to make any difference.
Do you know his birth date?: 10/8/82
Do you know where he was born?: Detroit, MI
Is he a star sign that you are compatible with?: totally...apparently libras and geminis are one of the best matches.
Does he have annoying habits?: well he thinks clowns are cool, and that annoy the hell out of me
Have you told them about their annoying habit?: yeah
Does he snore?: he used to but not so much now...talks in his sleep sometimes
Do they hog the bed?: sometimes
Do you have similar interests?: many
Do you have similar tastes in music?: when it comes to older stuff, yeah, but he likes screamy stuff that i dont. otherwise its mostly similar.
Do you have kids?: no. but he does.
Do you know what your partner is doing now?: showering.
When did you last have a fight?: dont remember. we dont often fight....we "disagree."
When did you last kiss?: like 30 min ago
When did you last hug?: last night
What colour are their eyes?: Brown
What colour is their hair?: brown
What do you think their best asset is, physically?: eyes, and arms. even with the clown tattoo.
What is their worst asset, physically?: i dont think he has one...of course, i still think he looks like joshua jackson, so thats fine by me (i feel i should note that when i did this survey the first time, i put that he was too skinny!)
Do you know their favorite song?: he has many favorite songs
Do you know their favorite movie?: talledega nights
Do you know their favorite book?: roses are red
Do you get along with their parents?: ive yet to meet his mother...will probably not meet his father. i get along with his sisters tho
Do you know what really annoys them?: a few things
If yes, have you ever done it to annoy them?: probably
Do you know the name of their last partner?: laura
Do they ever talk about them?: often. but they have 4 kids so it would be weird if he didnt.
How do they feel about your last partner?: fine.
What is the best thing they have ever done for you?: helped me through the pain of quitting the theater
What is the best thing you have done for them?: helped him through the pain of being homeless
What is your favorite thing to do together?: swim, go for walks, hang out with friends, eat cheese
Where is your favorite place to go together?: swimming hole, random creeks and such, spot, chinese buffets, allegheny
If they are employed what do they do?: makes no-flat tires at rodgard
What is their favorite food?: lasagna
Do you have pet names?: babe, dear, love
What was it about them that made you fall for them?: If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say no more than because he was he, and I was I. ~Michel de Montaigne
Sitting: marys house
Feeling: lovedloved